Consortia Health is a leading Pelvic Floor Muscle Training services. Together, our experienced nurses and leadership team has assisted thousands of patients and their physicians in more than thirty states and four countries.
Offering your patients modern solutions to common problems
gives them something to talk about.

Our Stories

Consortia Health

"My social life has been revitalized!"

Lisa, 56 — Urge Incontinence

"I've regained control!"

Bob, 65 — Fecal Incontinence

"Something I was nervous to try changed my life in an amazing way!"

Sara, 55 — Painful Intercourse

We partner with health professionals, clinics, hospitals, laboratories, medical research firms, and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) to diagnose and treat patients suffering from the pelvic floor issues commonly associated with pregnancy, childbirth, aging, surgery and certain diseases.

More than 13 million people suffer from incontinence and other pelvic floor issues in the United States. The prevalence of these patients who do not seek help is high. The most common reason for patients not consulting their doctor is they donít consider their symptoms to be serious enough.

Consortia Health nurses can help quantify patient symptoms, identify silent sufferers, and bring awareness to expanded womenís health services in your practice.

Our mission is simple:
To improve patient lives by making medical-center quality pelvic floor services available to any medical office.


Consortia Health offers comprehensive incontinence programs regardless of volume. Our on-demand staffing model provides our hospital customers a cost-effective option.

Large Group Practices

Staff turnover can stop a complex incontinence diagnostic and treatment program in the largest practices. Consortia Health staffing solutions help keep the clinic moving forward by reducing practice staffing continuity responsibilities.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

Consortia Health employs a highly cost effective model for distribution of labor and capital equipment expense. By choosing CHCCS to provide pelvic floor testing and treatment services, Accountable Care Organizations can save up to 80% of reimbursable cost. Contact us today for more details.