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Consortia Health: Clinical Continence Services

Consortia: a partnership; a union; a fellowship

Consortia Health Clinical Continence Services offer a powerful combination of the most advanced testing systems and highly trained technicians to help diagnose and treat incontinence.

Incontinence of the bladder and bowel are major health concerns. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration estimates 30% of females, and more than 10% of males suffer some degree of incontinence.


Maintain total control over your patients' exams, urodynamic protocols and final reports while providing flexible scheduling in your office, for your patients.

Consortia Health Clinical Continence Services help you generate new revenue streams by offering turn-key incontinence services. Our unique service makes it possible to build a comprehensive incontinence program right in your office; with no capital investment.

Our services include:

Consortia Health leverages years of experience in the complex American health system to assist all constituents with one goal in mind - improving patient lives.

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